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Posted on 28 Jul 2014 in: Visual Solutions

Why you should be using digital signage to increase your profit

Reach your audience wherever they are with digital signage that not only saves your business money and time but generates you income as well.

Digital signage has the power to not only make you money but save you money as well

Digital signage has the power to not only make you money but save you money as well

Digital signage is becoming increasingly popular as businesses realise the potential of the devices. As a company, what are you most concerned with? Increasing your profit and reducing your costs? Well digital signage can help you do both. Not only is it a fabulous advertising medium it also offers practical solutions for the distribution of information for those businesses needing to inform rather than sell.

Looking at advertising

Digital advertising screens are available from the very small, 19" for example, suitable for an office or clinic reception wall to a 46" freestanding outdoor poster. With the ability to put digital posters in prominent locations and change the display at a drop of a hat, you can advertise products or services to targeted customers. Change the menu from lunch to dinner for your restaurant or the promotion for the next cinema film starting this afternoon. You can even charge different prices in different locations to make your advertising really effective.

In your waiting room or reception, why not take the opportunity to promote all your services? You'll be surprised how many of your clients don't know the full extent of your offering.

Digital signage at point of sale provides huge scope for increasing customer spend at the till point. Raining outside? Upload a promotion on umbrellas. Buy a season ticket and get today's entrance fee back! The opportunity is endless.

Also, why not create an additional revenue stream by selling advertising space to local companies and broadcasting their adverts to your waiting room or lobby?

Saving you money

Low operating costs are an added bonus to this form of advertising. In terms of the units themselves, timers can be set to turn screens off when not needed and they have low consumption LED backlighting for reduced energy consumption.

But not only that, traditional outdoor advertising requires printing and labour to put up. That cost element is removed with digital signage which can be changed via a USB stick or in some cases remotely. Another consideration is what does it cost you if you need to be advertising something but can't because your new billboard or poster is at the printers? Digital signage can be changed instantly so again gives you immediate exposure to your audience for profitability.

Providing information

Not every business wants to sell upfront, instead providing information is the priority. Digital signage can be used for town centre/shopping centre maps, guides around a tourist attraction or simply the list of tenants in a building. Guest information can be displayed in hotel lobbies or bedrooms or menus in restaurants. Importantly, the information can be changed or updated at any time leaving you completely in control.

Won't extreme weather stop outside signage working?

And you needn't fear, outside digital signage is produced to withstand all climates, to be bright enough to be seen in all weathers, to be user friendly whether the the person is wearing gloves, has hot sticky hands, uses their finger or a pen or a stylus. Essentially indestructible! 


For retail stores or businesses with footfall, digital signage is really something you should be investing in as it will help to make you more profitable. For more information and a summary of the benefits please click here.

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