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Posted on 08 Sep 2014 in: Visual Solutions

What Would A Home Media Multiroom Entertainment System Mean To You?

Music and video (in some cases) in any room of the house offers you the chance to unwind in the living room quietly listening to jazz whilst hubbie watches his latest box set in the kitchen and the children watch their favourite DVD in the playroom for the umpteenth time!

Putting you in control of your music and video wherever you are in the house

Putting you in control of your music and video wherever you are in the house

Are you fed up with losing CDs or DVDs and can’t find them when you want them? A home media multiroom entertainment system sorts all these problems out allowing you to select a film or playlist from a central screen or device such as an iPod or iPhone and then distribute it wherever you want to around the house - or even outside.

Basic systems allow for a second set of speakers in a second room, independently controllable but the more advanced systems can not only play your favourite music and video around multiple rooms of the house, they can even integrate your other automated systems such as curtains or security/door entry systems. Complete peace of mind that all your automation is controllable from one single point, no need for multiple devices all differently operational.

There are two types of home media multiroom entertainment system; wired or wireless. Wired are obviously fitted more easily during the build stage of your home but can be retro fitted and really require a professional company to carry out the installation due to the wiring complexity. Alternatively, an easier option and one you can fit yourself is the wireless system.

Budget will have a lot to do with the type of system you opt for but here are a few points to consider:

Wired Systems…

  • Suitable to distribute music and good quality video (system dependent) right around your home
  • Not prone to disruption or dropout as may occur with a wireless system
  • Can fully automate your property right down to the garage doors and at the same time won’t interfere with other wireless devices such as internet hubs
  • Control the system from any room
  • Needs careful design and planning as hard to change once installed and best to let the professionals do it
  • Can’t really take it with you if you move house
  • Not as flexible as a wireless system, you have to be in sight of a sensor for it to work
  • Internet streaming has to be separately incorporated but is still viable
  • Adds value to your home and makes it more saleable when the time comes


On the other hand wireless home media distribution systems…

  • Don’t need a professional to set the system up for you and you can change it or add it as you go along
  • Take your system to your new home each time you move house
  • Internet streaming is built in
  • Easily controlled via devices such as iPhone, iPad, PC or radio controller, from any room
  • However, the quality of video is not great, if at all possible and sound can have reduced quality due to bandwidth restrictions
  • Conversely to the wired system, disruption or dropout is possible and may interfere with your other wireless systems


Many factors will come into consideration when you think about buying a home media multiroom entertainment system. Seeking professional advice from an audio/visual specialist independent supplier such as Crowson & Ward is recommended to ensure you get a system that fits your needs, is installed correctly and is enjoyed by you and your family for years to come.



Image courteousy of Renjith Krishnan/Freedigitalphotos.net

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