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Posted on 21 Apr 2014 in: Furniture & Seating

Turn Your Back on Aches and Pains

Every company needs a productive workforce. This means that its staff is fit and healthy and that absence from work is minimised. There are some simple issues that can be overlooked, and one is the physical problems that you can face if you are simply sitting at a desk all day. You have to be in a comfortable and natural position so that you are not putting undue pressure onto any part of your body.

Setting up your work station to fit you properly is vital to avoid being uncomfortable and longer term pain

Setting up your work station to fit you properly is vital to avoid being uncomfortable and longer term pain

No one would claim that the classroom has ever been particularly comfortable; desks and chairs are rarely designed for comfort. The difference is that during school years children tend to be fairly active. They spend plenty of time playing and hence effectively exercising. Once education has finished and young adults move into their careers, the numbers who exercise reduce fairly significantly.

Healthy Staff

It does pose different questions of the body, and it is increasingly important that the good health of employees is taken into account. That health depends on a number of things, but most certainly on a comfortable environment in the office. Staff can spend the vast majority of the working day sitting at a desk. It is essential that chairs provide support for the back and people ensure that they are reducing the strain on their bodies when, in fact, they appear to be doing nothing. Chairs must provide comfort and support.

Natural and Comfortable

It is a matter of taking a position at your desk so that your back is supported. You should sit in a manner so that your back, legs, arms, and neck are in a natural position. Don't be a victim at work and find that you have aches and strains because you have been seated unnaturally due to:

               - Your back is unsupported for much of the day.

               - Your feet do not touch the ground because your chair’s height has not been adjusted.

               - The armrests on your chair are too low, and hence your shoulders tend to slouch.

               - You have not found the best position between yourself, your desk, and your screen.

Obviously, it is helpful if you are able to move around during the day so that you do not retain a fixed position for long periods. Perhaps you should make sure that you get up and walk around at least once an hour during the working day, and certainly take a midday break. Some modern workstations actually are for use while you are standing. While that may not be practical in your office environment, there should certainly be plenty of scope for moving around. Your chair and working position have to be fit for the purpose.

A Little Exercise as Well

You need to do something for yourself to help with your fitness and to avoid the age-old problem of back pains. The emphasis has changed; preventing back problems by exercise is the ideal answer. Moderate exercise, rather than complete rest, is now the standard advice to improve the condition of your back.

It does not need to be too onerous; your employers can do their bit by providing quality office furniture. You need to keep yourself fit so that you are healthy enough to go to the office and reward them with your efforts.


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