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Posted on 01 Sep 2014 in: Furniture & Seating

Supplier of Borks Abstracta Products Specified in Architect/Design Briefs

Abstracta is an extremely fine Swedish company, now part of the Lammhults Design Group, specialising in acoustic products for the workplace. The unique elements of their office furniture and interiors is sound absorption and making the office a more efficient place to be productive. Borks Abstracta products are available in the UK from independent suppliers.

Supplying Borks Abstracta products to architects, designers and builders

Supplying Borks Abstracta products to architects, designers and builders

How Borks Abstracta products became so popular in architect and design briefs

Before Borks was bought out by Abstracta they proactively communicated with architects around the country to promote their products and to ask for them to be specified in design projects. Given the quality and creative options available, the architect community in the UK happily agreed and continue to make these specifications today, particularly around the London area.

However, since the takeover the company has changed their sales strategy, now focusing on major interior design companies and retail partners, and no longer actively target architects. With the direct line between Borks Abstracta and architects severed, project managers and builders are struggling to find suppliers of the niche products.

Proudly supplying the UK market with Borks Abstracta products

Crowson & Ward is proud to say that we are a UK distributor of Borks Abstracta furniture and are more than happy to fulfil design briefs which specify this particular manufacturer. We can liaise directly with their head office in Sweden to source your client’s specific requirements or we can make alternative suggestions if appropriate.

Outstanding design and practicality

The furniture designed by this well respected company is outstanding and will make your client’s office space incredibly stylish but practical at the same time. They focus on creative design and sound absorption to manufacture amazing aesthetics as well as practical functionality to enhance the meeting experience in the office environment. Their world renowned award winning designers are not only leading edge but many are teachers of their profession too.

From intricately shaped but simple looking hanging walls to modulise your working space, screens which double up as useful writing boards ideal for workshops or meetings requiring a degree of privacy in a larger office space, to stylish ergonomic poufs for reception areas and ‘Meet’ seating for quick impromptu meetings to full desking and seating solutions for the whole office environment, the Abstracta ranges cover it.

What to do if you need to source Borks Abstracta products

If you are an Architect, Project Manager or Builder of a design project requiring Borks Abstracta furniture or products in the UK, or indeed a private client looking for an amazing office interior, please call us Claire Wysockyj on 01945 428893.


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