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Posted on 22 Jun 2015 in: Office Supplies

Saving Paper

The average office worker uses 10,000 sheets of copy paper each year!

Over 40% wood pulp goes towards the production of the paper we use.

Understandably the use of paper in the workplace is a neccesity, but at what cost? Do we need to use it as much as we think?


Save Paper

Save Paper

So, you probably think that your office doesn't purchase and use much copy paper, but actually when you stop and think, you most probably do more than what you realise.

Creating paper requires a lot of natural resources- trees, water and energy.

- It takes more than 1.5 cups of water to make ONE SHEET of paper.

- Over 40% wood pulp goes towards the production of paper.

- Reducing paper use, reduces the green house gases;  that's 400 reams of paper = 1.25 acres of forest absorbing carbon for a year.

- Even with recycling efforts, paper makes up a lot of landfill and waste systems.


Every body hates paperwork, all the never ending, and complicated forms, not only have to filled in by you, but then the person on the receiving end then has to transfer all that data onto their end.....?

Why not go electronic? Not only will it make it easier, they are much quicker and efficient than paper copies.

Businesses that have converted to electronic forms and filing systems have found that it takes less time to both find and process information.

This doesn't mean that electronic forms should replace all paper copies, as in some cases paper form may be the best tool.

Whenever we have fewer sheets of paper laying around our homes and offices, we spend less time looking for that one particular piece that in some cases is misplaced or lost!


Tips for reducing the use of copy paper.....

- Set your computer defaults to print double sided.

- Preview your documents before printing them. This way you can spot errors and blank pages before you print them.

- Print only the pages you need. For example if you only need a few pages of a whole report, only select and print the required pages. Most software programme's provide this option under the print function.

- Try and promote the ' THINK BEFORE YOU PRINT' attitude. Share your documents with co workers, send via email, also add this text to the bottom of your emails, you will be suprised how many people see it.....share to care!

- Send as much information electronically rather than postal. Used emails instead of fax or mailed letters. Not only is it faster, its more effective and efficient.

- Fit more words onto one page ( smaller font, narrow margins ) Simply changing the default margins from 1.25" to 1" can reduce the amount of paper you use by up to 8%.

- Use the font 'Times New Roman'. It is a space efficient font!

- Create an electronic filing system for quick and easy retrieval.

- Keep your forms up to date! This in return reduces unwanted and wasteful mail!

- Buy recycled content paper, preferably made from paper pulp recycled without the use of chlorine.

- Look after your copier/printer. If you keep your machine in good repair with regular maintenance and servicing, it should run efficiently. A printer that works well will not jam the paper, and will use the toner ink correctly. So look after your machine, and it will look after you in return!


Simply put a box or bin near your printer/ copier and any paper that can be recycled then wont end up in landfill and with normal waste.

Alternatively you can set up a recycling scheme.

We offer a recycling scheme known as 'Closed Loop' please ask if you would like information on this. kelly@crowson-ward.co.uk

So, lets start SAVING PAPER!



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