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Posted on 13 Aug 2014 in: News

Our Panda Is Pregnant!

Crowson & Ward are proud to sponsor the two Giant Pandas living at Edinburgh Zoo and we're thrilled that the zoo has announced they believe that Tian Tian is pregnant.

Tian Tian at Edinburgh Zoo

Tian Tian at Edinburgh Zoo

If Tian Tian is pregnant as suspected, then she should give birth at the end of this month and we'll keep you updated.

Natural breeding in captivity has not produced any baby Pandas and so in April of this year, artificial insemination was carried out on Tian Tian and appears to have been successful. Hopes are high that there is a baby Panda on the way but this is still a delicate time as Tian Tian has reached this stage before and then miscarried.

Artificial insemination is a new procedure and first carried out in 2013. It was successful but Tian Tian lost that baby and so it is very much hoped that she goes to full term this time. All the indications are that she is pregnant following daily testing and she is displaying characteristic behaviour such as sleeping a lot, nesting in the cubbing den and eating more voraciously. Unfortunately however, Giant Pandas experience pseudo pregnancies and so she could be behaving in this manner but not actually be carrying.

We very much hope that there is a new little Panda on the way and we're looking forward to celebrating the birth here in the office. We'll keep you posted as to how well Tian Tian is doing. 


Update: 1st September 2014

Unfortunately Tian Tian is now passed her due date and has not gone into labour. It would appear that there is not to be a little baby panda this time but experts are continuing to monitor the Giant Panda to ensure she remains healthy and safe.


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