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Posted on 18 Aug 2014 in: Visual Solutions

No More Death by PowerPoint! Interactive White Boards are the Future for Your Meetings

No-one enjoys a meeting or training session with a lone figure at the front reading the bullet points from the PowerPoint slide in a dull monotone. If you want your staff, colleagues or clients to get the most from your meetings then they need to be interactive and creative. The easiest way to communicate is to use an interactive whiteboard (or SMART board). Let’s look at the benefits of interactive whiteboards in the board room:

Interactive whiteboards will make your meetings buzz!

Interactive whiteboards will make your meetings buzz!

Working together

Two way communication is achievable with SMART boards because the whole team can participate by sharing data or applications, writing notes, performing calculations on-screen, having more than one layer of information available for illustrating points and can move information around with a fingertip. If you also have SMART response pads, each participant can have their own pad and reply to quiz style sessions or voting for example.

Recalling your meeting and sharing it with others

Interactive whiteboards simply project information from a connected computer and so have the ability to record what you do on the board and save it to a hard drive or portable device. This enables you to recall the session information, notes, diagrams etc at your convenience or share the meeting with others.

Multimedia presentation

Slides still have their place in presentations and the SMART boards still allow you to show them but they provide additional possibilities such as the playing of video, entire presentations can be uploaded and displayed, and you can show complex images and diagrams and then manipulate them on-screen. The opportunities to create engaging presentations that include your team, allow them to participate and learn are endless and produce a means of retaining your audience’s attention for longer.

If you also want to collaborate with another team for example, you can multi-board i.e. join more than one SMART board together and show either the same or different information on each board.

Multi-location meetings

Using tools such as SMART Bridgit, Cisco WebEx or Microsoft Lync with your interactive whiteboard means you can have meetings with people in other offices, the next county or the other side of the world! Less travelling is easier for you, more cost effective, reduces your carbon footprint and allows you to be just as productive.

Not only that, but if you integrate your whiteboard with video conferencing you can see your colleagues and clients wherever they are, speak to them and use the SMART board to display your presentation.


So, as you can see, the use of SMART or interactive whiteboards in your business could significantly increase your ability to collaborate or deliver training to your team or clients more cost effectively and with better results as your audience are more likely to learn and take in what you present to them!



Image courtesy of pakorn at FreeDigitalPhotos.net

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