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Posted on 07 Jul 2014 in: Furniture & Seating

Make Your Office Area Ergonomically Correct

When your workspace is comfortable, everything is within your reach, and you like the chair in which you sit for hours at a time you’ll be happy, healthy, and a productive worker for your company.  In order to avoid neck and back pain it’s important that your work area be ergonomically correct so you can stay comfortable at your work station.  Let’s take a look at some of the major areas that can impact your health so that at the end of every day you’ll be pain-free and ready for a relaxing evening at home.

Be happy and comfortable at work with an ergonomically correct work station

Be happy and comfortable at work with an ergonomically correct work station

Your Chair

This is one of the most important areas of comfort in your work area.  Make sure that you can adjust the height of your chair, that your feet rest on the floor, and that the seat of the chair just touches the back of your knees.  You should also buy a chair that has good lumbar support for your lower back; make it a habit to stand and stretch about every two hours so that you won’t get stiff or your body won’t become overtired.


Equipment Placement

You should place all of the equipment that you’ll use daily on your desk in an easy to reach location.  Your telephone, files, stapler, and other office materials should be well-organised and have a place of their own either in your desk drawers or on the desk top just an arm’s length away.  You’ll know what you need each day to get the job done so put things where they are handy so that you don’t spend excess time searching for them.


Get a Headset

If part of your job requirement is talking on the phone, you may want to invest in a headset instead of trying to hold the phone between your head and shoulder.  This will increase the amount of neck pain that you have and can cause headaches after a long day on the telephone.


Your Monitor Height

To prevent neck and back pain as well as eye strain, you should put your monitor directly in front of your work area.  It should be about 46 to 71 centimetres away from you and just slightly below eye level.  This prevents you from looking up all day and straining the muscles in your shoulders, neck, and arms.  Should you experience glare, you can request an anti-glare screen for your computer which will alleviate light from overhead fixtures or natural light from your office windows.


A Footrest

If your legs tend to get stiff and the pressure on your legs causes back pain, you may want to use a footrest to keep your feet elevated just a bit off the floor.  This helps especially if your chair isn’t adjustable and your legs are too short to reach the floor.  There are many types of footrests available or you can be creative and make your own that suits your needs perfectly.


To remain happy at your job and free from back and neck pain as well as eye strain, make your work area the most comfortable place in the company.



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