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Posted on 30 Jun 2014 in: Useful Tips & Guides

Make Health and Safety in the Workplace a Priority: Guidelines to Follow for Office Safety

When we think of “unsafe” places, we mostly have an image of factories, building sites, and the like. We don’t really picture our very own office as being an “unsafe place.” But whilst this is true for the most part, there is never any harm in making sure that our office environment is safer and less accident-prone. You’d be surprised by just how many injuries are caused by the most ordinary, mundane, everyday objects we find in any office.

Being alert can make for a safe office

Being alert can make for a safe office

In an office, we may be surrounded by a variety of things, the biggest of which are pieces of furniture such as desks, chairs, and tables. But there are a myriad of smaller objects that may cause harm, such as printers, scanners, computers, and even those tiny office supplies such as staple wire and paper clips we see in everyone’s workspace. This, then, will serve as a guide to ensuring office safety.


Keep your workspace clean

It all begins with our very own workspaces. If we each do our part and contribute to office safety by making sure our desktops are not cluttered or littered with a ton of items that we don’t really need, we can make a huge difference. So remove all items that you have deemed unnecessary from your workspace and arrange whatever items are left in a well-organised way. But do not just do this once and be done with it – you have to clean your workspace regularly, because we do tend to accumulate stuff as we go about our daily tasks. Pay attention to the space underneath your desk as well, and make sure that you have enough legroom to move about and not knock things over. The space between each workspace should be at least 3 feet.


Deal with furniture hazards

As we know, the biggest items in any office are the pieces of furniture. In this regard, make sure that furniture is not clumped or heaped together, and that it is evenly distributed with ample space in between. There is also the proper usage of furniture. Be meticulous and observant when making use of cabinets and drawers, for instance. One common cause of accidents is keys which are protruding from a filing cabinet. Use drawers properly by pulling their handles, and not their sides. Make sure that drawers are also closed when they are not in use, and do not succumb to the temptation of leaving drawers open when looking for something.


Pay attention to furniture arrangement

As previously mentioned, the arrangement of the office furniture should be such that it does not result in the staff having to “squeeze” themselves through a tight space. Heavy furniture and heavy objects such as file folders should be stored at floor level to reduce the risk of falling boxes and paper.


At the end of the day, keeping our workplaces safe is a team effort. Keep these guidelines in mind, and you can benefit from a safe, productive, and happy work environment.



Image courteousy of digitalart / freedigitalphotos.net

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