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Posted on 06 Feb 2015 in: Useful Tips & Guides

Interesting facts, or just useless information!

Interesting facts, or just plain useless information....either way let us share with you some weird and wonderful stuff that you can read, talk about and play in your tea and coffee breaks!

Did you know that?

Did you know that?

Firstly some fun office facts.

1. Scissors were originally created in approximately 1500BC by the Egyptians.

2. A typists fingers travel up to 12.6 miles during an average work day ( be proud if you are a typist- you are covering more ground than you realise! )

3. Refrigerating rubber bands makes them last longer ( not the average thing you are likely to find in your fridge! )

4. Before the rubber ( Eraser ) was invented, people used breadcrumbs or the crust of bread to erase pencil marks. ( sounds rather messy if you ask me )

5. The word 'stationery' originates from the latin work stationarius. In medival times this meant a trader or someone who has their own station or fixed shop. Overtime this meant bookseller or publisher, then to modern times where we refer to it as pens, pencils and other office supplies.

6. Remember to always take notes during meetings, as the brain retains less than 5% of what is said.

7. During thinking we only use 35% of our brains.

8. The average BIC ball point pen can draw a line 2 miles long.

9. A typical lead pencil can draw a line 35 miles long.

10. 'Stewardness' is the longest word typed with only your left hand.

11. When you pick up a pen to try it for the first time 95% of people always write their name.

Bit of office fun?

It has been said that it is impossible to fold a piece of paper ( just your normal everyday paper ) in half more than 7 times.

However this has been tried and tested, and a group of students from Masacahusettes suceeded in 2012 with a whopping 13 folds!

So for all those competitve workers amongst us, grab a sheet of paper and give it a go.

Let the challenge commence. Good luck people, remember its only a game...and if you do get bored you can always play paper aeroplanes instead. Something else that is so commonly constructed with paper these days! Who can fly theirs the furthest.


Battle of the sexes

Studies show that desks have a lot more germs on them than office toilets do. In fact, up to 400 times more!

( although we are sure that even knowing this, you would still prefer to eat at your desks rather than on the throne! )

So who would you say is worse for lingering germs on their desk...men or women?

Take your guesses....


Well believe it or not, its the ladies whose desks crawl with the most germs...utterly discraceful! You should be ashamed of yourself!


Workplace Traditions

Microsoft celebrates their work anniversary each and every year by bringing into the office M & M's!

Well, we think this is a brilliant idea, we celebrate every Friday in our office....its otherwise known as our 'naughty day!

Why not start your own workplace tradition, pick a speacial date and have your own celebration!





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