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Posted on 16 Jun 2014 in: Useful Tips & Guides

How to Set Up Your Workstation for Maximum Comfort

Think about this: The average office worker spends about 6 hours a day at their desks. This roughly translates to 30 or more hours a week and 120+ hours each month. You can just imagine the amount of time we spend at our workstations. The effect of this over a significant period of time can be substantial, not just to our health, but to our overall well-being as well.

Spending around 120 hours at your desk per month means it needs to work for you

Spending around 120 hours at your desk per month means it needs to work for you

Which brings us to our topic for today. Here at Crowson & Ward, we make it a point to encourage our staff to personalise their workstations. Why? Because since office workers spend a vast amount of time at their desks, we acknowledge the importance of making them as comfortable as possible. But personalising your workspace is just one step – there are other factors you have to pay attention to in order to ensure your utmost comfort, not just physically, but mentally as well.

Your office chair

The first aspect of your workstation is the office furniture you have. Your chair makes a significant impact on your productivity and health. If you don’t have a good chair with enough support for your back, shoulders, and buttocks, you could end up feeling needlessly tired at the end of the day. Not to mention the risk of developing back problems after a few years. Look for a chair which is ergonomically designed, or at least one which gives you adequate support. Chairs for your workstation should have a firm yet soft cushion and must be equipped with armrests and have a height which is adjustable. It also helps if your office chair can swivel or roll around to give you better flexibility.

Your desktop

Your desktop’s set-up contributes greatly to your overall productivity and comfort as well. Computer monitors should be placed at eye level and at least 5 inches away from you. Your keyboard should also be placed at the middle of your desktop, within reach of your fingers. Leave space of about 3 inches between the ends of your wrists and the keyboard so that you have an area where you can rest your wrists occasionally.

The items on your workstation

You can also arrange your workstation in such a way that any item you need is within easy reach. Place the items you use daily or regularly in your desk’s top drawers, and the items that you don’t really use too often at the bottom. Papers and files should each have their place, and pens and pads would be better placed in front of you, beside your monitor.

These are the basic aspects you need to consider to have an efficient, functional, and comfortable workstation: good office chairs, organised worktops, and everything in its place. With regard to personalising your workstation, that’s easy: Make it more personal with a few picture frames of your loved ones, a small potted plant or two, and a wall hanging – and you’re definitely good to go.


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