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Posted on 14 Apr 2014 in: Furniture & Seating

How to Make Your Reception Area Impressive With a Few Key Elements

Here at Crowson & Ward, we always emphasise the importance of a well-designed and outfitted reception area. Just imagine a visitor walking into your office for the first time. What would you like them to see? What impression would you like them to have of your company? These questions must be taken into consideration when you are planning a layout and design for your reception area.

Make a statement, be bold and clients will be impressed

Make a statement, be bold and clients will be impressed

Your reception area is your first contact point with your customers. There is a saying that first impressions last, and this is all too true when it comes to your office.

Make a statement with your front desk               

Every office needs a front desk; this is a given. But in this regard, do not just go for any old front desk you can find. Make sure it makes an impact and is one that any visitor could not help but notice. After all, they will be likely to approach it if they have any questions about your services. Make your front desk a prominent piece, but do not neglect its practicality and functionality, either. It has to be both functional and aesthetically pleasing. Combine bold, bright colours with elegant geometric lines or curves, and pay attention to the lighting of the front desk as well.

Take it a step further with your office furniture

The next aspect visitors will notice is your office reception furniture. Whilst every reception area needs to be equipped with comfortable chairs and a practical coffee table or two, go a step further by inserting a statement piece. You can place an eclectic armchair in a bold colour or print in one corner, or place an elegant end table decorated with a beautiful vase of flowers for added elegance and style. Of course, your regular reception area chairs can benefit from good design and practical function as well, so make sure you choose them wisely, with a focus on comfort and durability.

Go for colours, patterns, and prints

Today, more offices are going the adventurous route by outfitting their reception areas with bright colours and prints. You can opt for a statement wall with patterned wallpaper that complements your overall theme, or you can strategically place printed cushions on your reception area sofas and armchairs. We all know that colours make a big impact. White is always a good choice, as it exhibits a clean, no-nonsense look, and if you would like your visitors to be more relaxed, you can choose to have green-coloured walls (or at least one wall in green) that will immediately convey a feeling of calmness and tranquillity.

The lighting in your reception area

The lighting in your office reception area plays a significant role as well. Make it extra airy and bright with well-placed lighting fixtures. If you get plenty of natural light, then accentuate this by making sure your windows are clean with no obstructions. But if you depend on artificial light, make sure there is a balance between brightness and cosiness that your visitors will appreciate. 

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