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Posted on 24 Mar 2014 in: Workwear

How the Right Work Clothes Impart the Right Image of Your Company to Customers

There’s no denying the fact that, in any work environment, uniforms always project an image of professionalism and reliability. This is especially true for organisations which are involved in the service and protection industry, such as police squads, hospitals, and firefighters. But these aren’t the only organisations which can benefit from the proper work clothes – there are also those which provide specific health and beauty treatments, those that are involved in the food and beverage or hospitality industries, and those that are engaged in the mechanical industry, among others. 

Uniformed staff can either enhance your brand or make your employees safe and legally compliant

Uniformed staff can either enhance your brand or make your employees safe and legally compliant

Let’s take a look at some of the most important reasons why you can impart the right image with the proper work clothes:

Promote consistency and reliability

We at Crowson & Ward are fully aware that in the service, healthcare, and hospitality sectors, for instance, the focus is on the customers. The staff of any organisation which regularly deals with customers need to be easily identifiable, especially if customers have any specific questions or concerns. Having one type of outfit for the staff gives clients the impression that the company is unified and professional as well. But aside from giving the right impression of consistency to customers, a uniform look gives the staff a feeling of unity amongst themselves.

Additionally, a uniform gives customers a feeling of trust towards your organisation. Your staff will come across as reliable, and clients will not hesitate to approach them if they have any questions, knowing that they will be of assistance.

Eliminate dress status and propriety issues

Anyone walking into your organisation for the first time will immediately see a unified look amongst the employees, which gives them the right impression. Another reason for using the same uniforms is to prevent the staff from dressing inappropriately. Aside from this, workers may be tempted to wear clothing as a status symbol, and this is not something that any workplace can benefit from as it may create disharmony and enmity. But even those organisations which do not deal with customers on a regular basis can benefit from a uniform look, simply because it eliminates problems with what to wear and allows the staff to be more functional and perform their duties better.

Use it as a form of advertisement

If your workplace has an easily recognisable uniform, it becomes an instant advertisement for your enterprise. You can choose to have a distinctive colour combined with embroidered company logos, which can be easily noticed by anyone. When people see the uniform of your employees, they will immediately know and identify it. This creates a brand and image for your organisation with the least amount of effort. Just think of your organisation’s uniform as a walking advertisement for your services.

Promote safety

For organisations engaged in outdoor or heavy-duty mechanical and industrial work, workers are required to be meticulous and observant of safety practices and be properly outfitted at all times. The proper clothing allows your organisation to follow certain standards and regulations, especially when it comes to safety and practicality.

The proper work clothes give plenty of advantages to any enterprise. The right workwear can make a big impact – not just for your clients and business partners, but also for your own employees’ functionality, safety, and unity as well. 


Image courtesy of stockimages / FreeDigitalPhotos.net

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