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Posted on 26 May 2014 in: Useful Tips & Guides

Energy Savings Are Simple to Implement

One of the major fixed costs of a business is energy – fixed, but this does not mean that it is not possible to reduce energy consumption by taking some simple steps and encouraging your staff to take the initiative as well. Every year, it seems that the major energy companies are increasing their prices, so the only answer for keeping them under control is to look for ways to reduce your own usage.

From turning the lights off to using laptops instead of desktops, there are ways to decrease your energy costs

From turning the lights off to using laptops instead of desktops, there are ways to decrease your energy costs


Your office equipment is likely to consume about 15% of your annual electricity costs. No office can realistically run efficiently without modern office equipment and systems, but that does not mean that savings cannot be made on their use. The savings can be significant, and indeed more sensible use of office equipment can actually add to its life.

There are a few ways to cut down on energy wastage at work, and the main villain is actually that office equipment itself. You need to devise policies whereby your daily working practices begin to cut out waste and your staff embraces the concept to support your efforts.

Essential Desktops?

The need for desktop computers everywhere is questionable. They use significantly more energy than laptops and mobile devices. A company can not only save money by looking at reducing desktops, but switching to more user-friendly equipment can also provide more flexibility in how you can operate on a daily basis. There is no requirement for everyone to be in the office each day if their access to company data can be provided on mobile devices and laptops from any location. That working practice alone will reduce your energy needs by reducing the need for ventilation and cooling.

People are being encouraged to think “green,” and that includes equipment manufacturers and suppliers. Today’s equipment is designed to play its part, and if you get your staff to follow some simple rules, you will see a significant drop in your energy use. Perhaps one simple thing you can do is to put little reminders on your various pieces of office equipment encouraging your employees to “think” energy savings. Doing so can certainly reinforce company policy.

Common Sense

There is no expertise required. There are often power-saving features that will do the job automatically, but, for example, you can also do things like turn off your monitor if you are away at lunch, or indeed for more than 10 minutes at a time. Unless it is essential that your computer stays on overnight, switch it off; perhaps that is obvious, but not everyone does it.

There are economies that can be made with copiers and printers. Two-sided black-and-white printing is often sufficient, and planning your copying in batches should reduce machine usage. Deciding whether or not you really need all those copies will help as well. Modern equipment that is well serviced and maintained makes economic sense; it will add life to the equipment and make a contribution towards cutting out waste in the office.


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