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Posted on 05 May 2014 in: Useful Tips & Guides

Efficiency Comes From Space Utilisation

The utilisation of your office space is worth some thought. Every company operates in a unique way, and it is worth thinking about the daily activities within the office when planning its layout. Keep in mind that your aim will be to run an efficient business. That requires you to reflect on how best to achieve that efficiency, remembering that your staff, whilst important, is not the only variable. You should certainly consider the technology you use and perhaps think about providing approved staff members with access to the business' data even when they are not in attendance.

Space, technology and location will all have an impact on your efficiency so planning is essential

Space, technology and location will all have an impact on your efficiency so planning is essential

Think Cost

Office space is not cheap. In large cities, most notably of course in London when talking about the UK, demand is high, and rent prices reflect that. There is no room for waste with competition being so fierce in every business sector. Times have been hard for most commercial operations, and the growth that has just started is unable to repair the damage of recent years quite yet.

You must get the most from your office space, and that means planning how best to use the space so that you can create a good working environment. That includes taking into account interaction within the office as well as all the systems and equipment used to support the staff’s efforts.


Office efficiency has to be a top priority. This means that everyone can access information as it is required. Obviously, there are offices where there is plenty of space, but that is rarely the norm. In most cases, efficiency has to be created by good planning and well-qualified staff.

Even though a great many things can be stored electronically, there is still the aspect of the storage of hard copies to consider. It is important to realise that floor area is one thing, but there is also the height of a room that can be used for storage; think walls and possibly built-in storage units. It means there is no clutter if the means of storage is behind doors and no shelves to dust.

There are documents that every company has a statutory obligation to retain. Many of these are financial. Other things are less important and periodically can be disposed of, or at least stored away at a different site so that the current working area is maximised.

Your Equipment

You should perhaps consider the latest office equipment. Does every member of the staff need a desktop computer, for example, or is it possible to get one multi-purpose machine to replace two or three individual-function machines? If you have technology which allows your staff access to all of your data at any time, it may be that their working week does not need to be exclusively based within your office. You can make changes and see how your ideas work. They are not cast in stone, and in most cases you will have the flexibility to try something different until you reach the best solution.


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