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Posted on 02 Jun 2014 in: Useful Tips & Guides

Comfortable Employees Are More Productive, Healthier, and Happier

Successful entrepreneurs know that having an ideal temperature in the workplace is an excellent way to make and keep employees more productive, healthier, and happier.  If your employees are uncomfortable it becomes harder for them to focus on the task at hand and to produce what is expected of them during their time on the job.  If there are drastic changes in the environment of your workplace from day to day, you will also experience absences due to sickness from the unpredictable temperatures.

The ideal working temperature will make your staff more comfortable and able to work efficiently

The ideal working temperature will make your staff more comfortable and able to work efficiently

The Ideal Temperature

There have been many studies done to determine the ideal temperature for the workplace.  Room temperature has a direct impact on the level of productivity that you’ll see in your staff.  Researchers have ascertained that you’re more apt to generate more efficiency if the temperature in your business is between 21.1 to 22.8 degrees Celsius.  You’ll find at this temperature your employees’ accuracy, output, and efficiency is greater with the thermostat at this level.  Their work will be much more reliable, focused, and their level of attention to details will increase as their comfort level rises.


Comfort Means Capability

When they are comfortable in their work environment, your staff will be more likely to tackle challenging tasks with enthusiasm, be cordial to their co-workers, and have attendance that is impressive; good attendance means that they are present and producing goods and services for your business at a high level of efficiency.  Employee absenteeism can certainly impact your levels of production, the manner in which you meet the contracts that you have with clients, and the company reputation that you have.  When employees don’t arrive for work on time every day ready to go to work at the level for which you hired them, your company is sure to be affected negatively.


There’s No Room for Excuses

Remember that your employees are intelligent people; that’s why they are working for your business.  Using the age-old excuse that you need to keep the workplace cold to accommodate your computer systems and other electronic systems working at their optimum level won’t be accepted by your employees.  Along with sensitive equipment, your company’s resources also include people who need to feel comfortable and accommodated along with the technology that you use to do business.  The equipment and technology that you use on a daily basis is only as good as the human resources who are manning their posts regularly; if they are too cold or too hot, all they can concentrate on is the environment in which they are forced to work not the levels of output that you expect from them.


To keep your employees happy, healthy, and productive you should find a common ground for the temperature in your workplace environment so that they can focus on the job at hand.  Make sure that everyone understands that once set, the temperature shouldn’t be adjusted to accommodate a single or group of individuals who don’t like the setting.  You can advise employees who are still too cool to bring a jacket or sweater to enhance their comfort on the job.


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