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Posted on 28 Apr 2014 in: Furniture & Seating

Clean and Tidy Means Efficient

The office environment has changed dramatically in recent years. The rows of filing cabinets that used to contain current and historical files are no longer as relevant. So much can now be stored electronically. Many filing cabinets can be consigned to the basement, especially if they contain historical information that is unlikely to be referred to except on a rare occasion.

Being logical, avoiding clutter and a clean desk all make a business and its staff more efficient

Being logical, avoiding clutter and a clean desk all make a business and its staff more efficient

This does not mean that it has created enough space to allow the staff to spread out unnecessarily. Business needs to be efficient, and that means not only its systems but also its staff. After all, it is the staff that is employed to run the business, solve problems, and answer queries.


A well-trained and qualified staff needs to look at its daily tasks in a logical way. A busy office does work under a certain amount of pressure. That involves making the best use of office hours to move the business forward, whether that is a new project or the resolution of issues from sales, research, financial, or production departments. There is only so much effective working space, and it is essential that each problem becomes a self-contained “file” that is readily accessible yet separated from other “files.” After all, good working practice still requires a tidy mind!

Promote Efficiency

A well-organised desk that is kept clean and tidy actually gives the appearance of efficiency; the member of the staff whose desk looks organised is likely to be efficient. The art of management is to get the best out of employees. One of the ways in which this can be done is to instil in each of them the need for an effective working area.

One of the things that management needs to consider is whether the office is equipped to support the staff. That means everything from comfortable chairs to a sufficient work surface for an employee to perform well – accepting, of course, that the employee organises his or her surface to make the job easier. There is nothing as frustrating as mislaying a document or file. That is far less likely to happen if you keep a tidy desk and follow routines at work.

Avoid Clutter

Some things can be put on the wall rather than taking up valuable desk space; calendars and charts come to mind immediately. Cleaning and tidying a desk is actually a welcome break from looking at a computer screen for long periods of time. The time spent getting a desk into shape also provides a period to think about the tasks of the day and to think about whether every aspect of a problem has been fully considered or not. If it requires the person who orders your office supplies to get pen holders, trays, and files to help remove clutter, the costs will be repaid many times over by the productivity of the office. Your desk will be there, clean and tidy, at the beginning of the day with the first job waiting.


Image courtesy of Stuart Miles/FreeDigitalPhotos.net

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