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Posted on 15 Sep 2014 in: Workwear

Advantages of Introducing Uniform For Your Staff

The concept of company uniforms has been around since year dot so why are you thinking of clothing your staff in uniform now? 

A cost effective form of brand awareness

A cost effective form of brand awareness

Some uniforms are more recognisable than others such as emergency services or military apparel but you would be surprised to see staff in a bank wear their own attire wouldn’t you? The vast majority of the big retailers spend millions of pounds a year providing their staff with suitable clothing to not only ensure their safety in appropriate environments but to promote brand awareness and confidence. We believe that the benefits of providing employee uniform far outweigh the disadvantages. We’ll look at the top five reasons you as a business will want to introduce uniform and the top five reasons your staff will want to wear it;

The top five reasons your company should have a uniform:


For those of you involved in industries where PPE clothing is required, as it is necessary for you to provide the tools for employees to do their jobs safely, why not have them branded? From hard hats to high-vis jackets, sweat-shirts to tee-shirts, all can bear your logo to promote your company to other trades whilst on site or to passers-by

Brand promotion

Make your staff stand out on a busy shop floor with branded uniform. Their presence will always enhance your brand whilst your customers are on the premises but they will also provide free advertising for you when they are walking out and about the town during lunch breaks and whilst walking to and from work

Customer satisfaction

In busy working environments, your staff need to be visible to customers looking for help. Customers like to feel they can approach staff and being able to identify staff wearing uniform is far easier than in shops or restaurants where staff wear their own clothes. There is nothing more embarrassing than asking someone who doesn’t work there for help! Uniforms give customers or clients’ confidence in a business


Although providing staff with uniform may seem like a costly exercise, it can often be more cost effective than providing a clothing allowance. It can also appear an incentive to employees as they will not have to fund their own work clothes. This benefit can make working for a company more attractive. You could always consider providing the basic items free and then making a small charge for additional or replacement items

Increased employee productivity

Employees wearing a branded uniform tend to have a higher sense of purpose, a pride in their position and the work they do. This feeling of belonging increases productivity and makes people proud to promote their company to others


The top 5 reasons your staff will want to wear a uniform

Cost saving

When company uniforms are provided, staff do not have to spend their wages on purchasing work clothing and this cost saving is often one of the incentives for accepting a job.

Potentially eligible for tax rebate

Staff who have to wash their own uniform may be eligible for a tax rebate of up to four years and tax relief in the future. More advice can be found on the government web site or on advice sites such as moneysavingexpert .com 


Wearing a uniform can instil a sense of pride in a workforce, probably most noticeably in the uniformed services, but to a large degree in any company willing to invest in its employees. As ambassadors for your company, your staff will promote your brand for you honestly and make them proud to belong to your company


Providing uniform is one way to element workplace tension due to inequality of finances. A uniform puts everyone in the same position regardless of their role or financial status and promotes confidence in those who otherwise might feel overshadowed by those in better social or financial positions

Personal safety

It only takes a few minutes reading through the Health & Safety Executive web site to realise there are still many companies out there who fail to provide staff with the right work wear or safety equipment to do their job properly. Employees will expect and appreciate you taking care of their safety with the proper equipment and why not promote the company at the same time?


So, what is not to like about company uniform? If you have chosen your own clothing or would like to purchase clothing from an extensive range of work and safety wear click here. Each item can be personalised with your company logo in one or more locations such as across the back, on the sleeve, front pocket etc. You wouldn’t miss an opportunity to promote your company online or on your stationery would you? So don’t lose the opportunity of advertising your company through your staff!



Image courtesy of vectorolie at FreeDigitalPhotos.net

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