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Posted on 07 Apr 2014 in: Business Machines

A List of the Most Essential Office Equipment for Any Enterprise

Every office needs equipment, but with the range of choices out there, it can be difficult to decide which ones are absolutely necessary, and which ones you can actually do without. To help you make the right decision with regard to essential office equipment, our dedicated staff here at Crowson & Ward has come up with a list of the equipment that every modern office should have.

5 pieces of essential office equipment

5 pieces of essential office equipment

First office essential: Desktop computers or laptops

Whether you opt for desktop computers or laptops for each of your employees, there is no denying the fact that computers are the most integral pieces of equipment needed for any office. Computers are essential because they allow your workers to be productive and efficient. Imagine having to contend with typewriters or working by hand. That’s simply out of the question. Your employees will work faster, and they would also be able to communicate with each other within seconds, especially if your computers are hooked up to a network and to the Internet.

Second office essential: A photocopier

Without a doubt, every office today needs a photocopier as well. Files and important documents are often distributed left and right in any office, and the best way to do this would be to rely on a photocopier. You can make photocopies of any documents that need to be distributed to both employees and clients, and you can benefit from more advanced types of photocopiers which feature colour options as well as greyscale copying.

Third office essential: A scanner

Even with digital technology and the saving of files in digital format, offices still need to produce hard copies of many important documents. With a scanner, you will be able to convert hard copies and anything in print into digital format, which makes it easier to distribute across different locations. Any office wanting to be more efficient, especially when it comes to the editing and distribution of data, will greatly benefit from a scanner.

Fourth office essential: A printer

It goes without saying that any office with computers should also have printers. These two office machines go hand in hand. A printer’s purpose is simply to print out digitally saved documents and data and make hard copies of them. Printers nowadays can print out not just text, but also images and graphics, and they can also print in colour and greyscale. Choose a printer based on its speed and resolution, as well as its size, so that it is suitable for your needs in the office.

Fifth office essential: Office supplies

Granted, office supplies do not really fall into the category of heavy-duty office equipment, but without stationery supplies like paper, your office gadgets and equipment may be quite useless. You need different kinds and sizes of paper for your printer and photocopier. You would also need other office supplies such as pens and pencils, notepads, staplers and staple wire, tape, paper clips, sticky notes, and more. Of course, these items are often used daily by employees, so it is always better to buy them in bulk and from a relliable supplier who can delivery quickly for you. 



Image source: hywards/freedigitalphotos.net

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