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Posted on 29 Sep 2014 in: Promotion & Print

5 Reasons to Use Promotional Products As Part of Your Marketing Plan

Promotional products are a powerful marketing tool for any business simply because they increase brand awareness, can increase leads and can motivate staff or reward clients. From the handy pen sent with a direct marketing campaign to more memorable gifts for your most loyal clients at Christmas time, promotional products should have a place within your marketing strategy. Let’s have a look at five reasons you should be using promotional products within your business…

Use promotional products to make your company more memorable

Use promotional products to make your company more memorable

Effective use of promotional merchandise can increase sales leads

Attending an exhibition or trade show? Make your stand visually attractive and then give away useful promotional items such as drinks bottles, notepads/pens or a bag. The freebies will cause people to stop at your stand and give you chance to start developing a relationship.

Alternatively, why not use good quality items such as a desk clock, iPad case or photo frame as a small incentive for employees? Use incentives to increase sales through rewarded targets or competitions

Relatively low cost in comparison with other marketing avenues

Especially if you logo clothing such as a tee-shirt. The receiver is likely to wear it over a long period of time, advertising your company to whomever they meet as they do so. Pens have the same longevity to them

Free to the customer but perceived as high value

Receiving a gift is usually a pleasure so providing you think carefully about what your customer base would appreciate, their response to your usable present will be very favourable and create a memory. Hopefully that memory will surface next time they are in the market for your service and you get the call

Brand recognition

Promotional products can be used to strengthen your brand positioning with potential and existing clients simply by giving a gift that they use on a regular basis such as a mug, clock or calendar or one that stays on their desk such as a mobile phone desk stand. Subconsciously you’re much closer to them at the time they require what you provide. If your logo is constantly around them, you should be their first port of call


It is really only budget that restricts what you can do with promotional products. Many items will have room for your logo, contact details and even a message/tag line. Providing you choose items which appeal to your target market then you can just use your imagination and be creative. A food hamper is a good example of a Christmas gift with plenty of room for your logo and a thank you message for their custom over the past year. A great way to thank and reward a loyal client.

Are your clients involved in the Construction industry? Then why not thank a new customer or thank someone for their recommendation with a personalised tape measure or Swiss army knife?

Do you own a garage and want to add a little unique gift for someone purchasing a car from you? A car first aid kit is of value to the customer but means your logo is constantly in the car with them reminding them of you. Come servicing time, you should be their automatic choice

How about a boutique hotel or B&B? Elegant personalised toiletries or travel toothbrush set are smart complimentary gifts to help your guests remember you long after they go home


The list is endless and it won’t take much of an internet search to find a supplier for whatever promotional product you would like to use in your marketing mix. These products are a fantastic way to communicate with potential or existing clients in the simplest of ways, cost effectively.

Read our blog next week as we look at producing a strategy for promotional product buying



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